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Jake's inspiring message is a refreshing change from what we usually hear from academics. Ostracized by colleagues, ridiculed by citizens in the press, and maligned by many, Jake practices what he speaks, preaches on, and is consistent with his conservative convictions. For Civic Events, Churches, or Conferences, if you want a speaker to enlighten your audience and move them to action, book Jake today!

America is under attack.

Its institutions and values are under daily assault. But the principal culprits are not only foreign terrorists, they are various enemies within the nation.

Read these books.

Pray for our country. Teach your children the Biblical principles our founders believed and lived. And support the men and women who are willing to set everything else aside and speak up for the truth.

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Jake Jacobs

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Dr. Jacobs is much more than a captivating speaker and author; he is a teacher of the Reagan philosophies. He inspires those who hear his message to fight for the ‘shining city upon a hill.” Hearing Jake speak inspired me to take an active interest in pursuing the ideals of Reagan for myself and my contemporaries.

Dr. Jake Jacobs is so much more than a Great Teacher, Gifted Author and Moving Speaker...God Has Blessed Dr. Jacobs and given us a Shining Light in which to confuse the darkness.

Jake your speech on Reagan made me want to raise our Republic's flag in the battle to save America!